Some Realtors React Positively

The following are comments from a couple of Canadian Real Estate agents, they are looking into the future with changes coming due to the allegations by the Competition Bureau which CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) is fighting hard against and are holding their heads high.  I personally think less agents will be in business in a few years and there will still be a number of people who will prefer to use an agent…therefore, for a hardworking agent it will still be a fairly profitable business. 

What do you think?

Ms. Bailey knows her industry is evolving, but she says there will always be a role for full-service agents. “I don’t worry about it. People who want to work with me will want my help. They don’t have time to do their open houses and market their property,” she says.

There are similar optimistic views across the country. “I’m not just an agent. Half the time I’m acting as psychologist, holding the buyer’s hand,” says Ellie Silver, a 12-year industry veteran who works in Montreal’s exclusive Westmount area. She adds people will never be able to effectively negotiate when it comes to the price of their home. “They are just too close to it,” she says.

To read the full article from which these comments came from, click HERE.


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