Power Plant Blocked…Or Is It?

On February 24th, over 500 people set their sights on Queen’s Park to protest the 900-mega watt power plant that is planned to be built in Oakville, ON.  Their message was clear – Oakville doesn’t want a power plant!  Residents in one of the most affluent neighbourhoods of Oakville will be the closest to the power plant and that means it could impact their home’s value.

But, guess what?  They blocked it!  …for now.

There is a bylaw that states that no power plant can be built without an impact study (environmental, land use, air quality and public safety) by the town.  The study will be ready for council on March 29th and the bylaw expires on March 31st

But, according to the power plant spokesman, Chris Breen, this won’t stop the power plant from being built, saying, “We remain fully committed to bring this clean energy project to Oakville.”

Now we wait…for March 29th to see what next steps, if any can be taken…


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