10 Marketing / PR Ideas

Here are some ideas that I found or thought up in no particular order.  Some of them are tried and true, while others are a little off the wall, but it’s all about getting noticed and building more contacts!

  1. Add your social profile(s) to your business card (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, etc).
  2. Attend “Meet-ups” that suit your lifestyle/business to network (check out: http://www.meetup.com/cities/ca/on/oakville/groups).
  3. When you’re grabbing your lunch, coffee, etc in a drive-thru, pay for the person behind you and ask the teller to pass along your business card.
  4. Let your web audience know what interests you – wouldn’t you rather work with people that have similar interests, it will help you understand them and give you an “in”.
  5. Support something! Little league, community events, the Humane Society, a political party, etc.
  6. Comment on business pages/groups/blogs, but do not SPAM. Be informative, helpful, “the one who knows”, do always include your name and web/email address in your signature.
  7. Go to the library/book store and put your business card in all the FSBO real estate books or in books related to your interests.
  8. Host a client appreciation BBQ, breakfast, dinner, party – once your guests have arrived, remind them of your knowledge and why you’re always the best choice with a short up date on the market, mortgages, future real estate, etc – no more than 10-15 mins. Be sure to THANK them too.
  9. Make your sign do some work! Sign up with a online texting company, like, http://www.textmyproperty.ca and get a sign rider that tells people who drive by how to get immediate information about your listing straight to their phone!
  10. Sponsor a struggling artist by renting the venue for them, or by paying for ½ their flyers (be sure that you get one side) – most importantly be sure that their audience is your target market!

Use these ideas as they are or as a base (somewhere to start) to come up with your own creative marketing idea.

Good luck!


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