Will Realtors “Bow Down”?

On Wednesday, the Canadian Real Estate Association announced it would ask its members to bow to pressure from the Competition Bureau of Canada to allow easier and possibly cheaper access to the Multiple Listing Service.


2 thoughts on “Will Realtors “Bow Down”?

  1. I really wish that reporters would get their facts straight before publishing stories. I guess it’s true that negative stories, lies, not researched info really does sell papers and attracts people to your websites and blogs. The REALTORS® did not bow to the competition bureau, they revised some rules, which they do almost every year. What about the Commissioner, what’s in it for her? New job? only 5 years to make a name for herself? The competition bureau doesn’t have a clue how things really are with REALTOR.ca or the boards MLS® Systems. She isn’t any more educated than the majority of the consumers eating up everything they hear about saving a buck. Is the Competition Bureau going to be there to help them out when they get royally ___________ when trying to handle things? There are a few real estate savy individuals, but they’re not the ones who are going to suffer and loose thousands of dollars to save a few. I feel for the consumer, they are the one’s who will suffer in the end, not the REALTOR®. If they get pushed to far, they’ll take there info off REALTOR.ca and then what? What good would that do for the consumer? This is so ridiculous, people are talking about things they really don’t understand and wording it in such a way that the consumer is listening and sadly enough believing what they hear. Don’t bother getting back to me, I’m sure it won’t be worth it. Just ask a few more questions of people that do know what’s going on before post any more.

    • Thank you for your comments. I totally understand your passion about this and I agree with you…I’m not sure that you spent any time to see what Realty Boost is all about. The point here is to help Realtors® and keep them in the loop about what’s going on and what’s being said by the media (this particular post was taken from an article written by the Ottawa Citizen as stated at the end of the post).

      Check out my other posts on this topic, like CREA Changes Simplified, http://www.realtyboost.info/news.htm, where we explain in plain English what the changes mean.

      Again – thank you so much, I love your passion – the Real Estate world needs more of it!!!

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